A sustainable jewellery and beachwear collective by Monica Singh proudly working for women empowerment.

Hi, I'm Monica and the founder of Mango Luxe & Co. We've been going in one form or another since 2014 when I had an epiphany of wanting to depart from my corporate career and move to something which indulged my creativity. After much soul searching and driving my family mad, I decided to focus on jewellery and inspired by India where my origins lie. 
I have been visiting India since I was a small child and have always loved jewellery and the beautiful embroidery and materials in the outfits. There is nothing quite like running a fine silk through your hands.

In the last few years, I've been approached by many female entrepreneurs and artisans in India who wanted to expand to sell to the western market. That is where Mango Luxe was born - to help female entrepreneurs and artisans to showcase their art. We now help women artisans and entrepreneurs from India, US and Turkey to name a few to showcase their products. 

Our focus is on unique statement jewellery and beachwear which looks just as good off the beach as well as on it!  We have designers in India who work with us to develop our own designs.

Above all, we're passionate about helping female entrepreneurs and artisans, particularly in rural areas and try to give back to the community wherever possible.

We hope you enjoy our unique products. Feel free to drop me a message if you don't see what you're looking for. 

Monica xx.

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